Participatory Documentary – 11/1

Jenny Weight really taught me about Participatory Documentaries. I’ve never really heard of this formal term, but I’ve definitely watched some myself. An overview of this book is basically explaining what exactly a participatory document is. It’s important to make sure that your documentary is about something serious and has value to what is trying to be shown. The documentary “tells a story about a community using the community’s own words. That story is disseminated back to that community via social media.” I think what’s important to truly make this a participatory documentary is to make sure that the person actually had value for what they’re trying to show and have a part in the community. 

“Community? A community is a group of people with a common cause. It is bigger than a friendship group or an extended family. In other words, members will rarely be intimate with every other member.” I think the hardest part is to be able to find a community that you are comfortable enough doing this documentary on. Often times, there are restrictions and it seems like the best way to deal with that is when you’re fully immersed in a community to be able to get real answers.

“Not being able to create a firm endpoint is a feature of this media. Learn to love it.” This was very interesting to me because most movies or films have a clear ending and there is a point to what you’re trying to show. However, this is different because it’s really not about what point you’re trying to make it seems like there is more of an importance to get the awareness out and ask questions that you think would be interesting to get answers from.

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