#Occupy Everywhere – 10/25

On October 15, 2011, I was able to simultaneously participate in and follow events in dozens of cities around the world from my handheld phone set.”

This quote really intrigued me because it’s insane how much you can do with your phone these days. Technology has really shown and played a huge role in our society. New movements are constantly happening all around the world and I have definitely seen a lot of it on social media. I also tend to get invited to random ones on facebook. I think using social media to get your voice heard or to do something with a large force is definitely a good thing and something our society has moved towards.

“Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and especially Twitter were particularly important during #Occupy’s initial mobilization phase…This shift toward less publicly visible forms of organizing and networking outside centralized physical spaces may help to ensure the staying power of #Occupy—a significant challenge given the vulnerability of the #Occupy movements to disaggregation in the absence of longer-term network structures. A foundation is thus being laid for a struggle that is potentially more sustainable, tactically diverse, and strategically flexible, although this out- come is by no means assured” (Juris 4).”

An interesting thought I had while reading this is – would #occpy be this successful if it weren’t for social media? Social media helped people with similar thoughts and passions to come together and fight for something that they believed in. Another thought I had while reading was how happy I was that people still have freedom of speech. Often times, I think these kind of movements are looked down upon and stopped but this was a very successful one and it’s good that this type of practice is still working in the USA. 

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