Nine Propositions Towards a Cultural Theory of YouTube – 9/22

“In the age of YouTube, social networking emerges as one of the important social skills and cultural competencies that young people need to acquire if they are going to become meaningful participants in the culture around them. We need to be concerned with the participation gap as much as we are concerned with the digital divide.”

I found this to be interesting because there have been many times this has become a barrier between the generation of old media vs our generation of new media. I have been interviewed several times for any kind of job and almost always they ask for things like what programs do I know how to use, what software I have, and how active I am on social media. Whenever I apply for a marketing job, they always ask to follow my social media platforms. I rarely ever think that what I’m posting actually has such an impact, but it definitely does. One man hired me because of my Instagram and the people that I was able to reach out to and how many people followed me and what I was posting.

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