Gamification/Playbor – 11/22

“Gamification is a modern-day form of manipulation. And like all cognitive manipulation, it can help people and it can hurt people.” This quote immediately stuck out to me because it’s interesting to think how much technology has shaped our world that gaming is a way to learn and express yourself. It can also be considered a form of art in many ways. It takes extreme detail and creativity to come up with even the simplest of games. The idea of Playbor is something that I definitely support. I believe that work and fun should be integrated in many ways. Companies can “create the conditions for a play like activity that is still productive.” 

I can speak to this idea because I’ve worked for a start up that very much believes in the balance of work and play. They take it in other ways, not just games, but the idea of even working from home. I think our society is often under a lot of stress and pressure and to provide outlets for these kinds of negative energies is really important. But then, it also comes down to the individual to know their limits and what they’re capable of. If the employee doesn’t think that they can work under these conditions or are playing more than they are working – it’s important to find a balance. Often times this can go wrong, but I think it’s more beneficial to make your employees feel comfortable in the workplace they are in.

“In the economic sphere of consumption, gamification is a strategy to channel our attention and activity toward advertisements or commodities that will, ultimately, generate revenue for the capitalists who engineer the gamification…In the context of consumption, gamification can be understood as a process that transforms commodities into what Jean Baudrillard called hyper commodities” I think that not only is gamification able to increase productivity, but it’s also a great way to market a place and to show the values of an organization. It’s a way to increase productivity, efficiency and profits.

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