Micro-Celebrity in Social Media 9/1

“Following the distinction between mediatization and mediation, Olivier Driessens proposes that celebritization be used to refer to the “societal and cultural changes implied by celebrity” whereas celebrification is the process by which individuals are transformed Micro-Celebrity into celebrities (2013, 642).” 

This part of the article made me think of all the different types of celebrities and who became someone out of no one and who worked their way up. Immediately the Kardashians come to mind because non of them did something great to gain all their fame but the way they engaged the world and their audience made them the most famous people in the world. 

“Celebrity culture is increasingly populated by unexceptional people who have become famous and by stars who have been made ordinary” 

Just like this statement says – I think the Kardashians have done exactly this. They engage with us on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, their own apps and Twitter that there is no way of escaping them. They made us believe that they are a family that we all personally know. We all have our favorite Kardashian but never even met them

“Micro-celebrity, in other words, is something one does, rather than something one is. It typically involves self-conscious, carefully constructed personas, which may be primarily textual, visual, or video, leveraged through a personal blog, set of Instagram selfies, or collection of YouTube videos, for instance”

This only adds to everything that I had said earlier about the Kardashians. They brand their name and they make sure that they show up everywhere wether it’s just posting a selfie on Instagram or promoting their latest clothing line. It just seems like everywhere you go, they have something with their name on it.